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Perguntas frequentes

  • What materials do they use?
    We use thermoacoustic panels made up of prepainted sheets on both sides and with an expanded polystyrene core, better known as isopor.
  • What is the price per square meter?
    Prices vary based on trim level, ranging from Gs. 1,800,000 standard models to Gs. 3,500,000 G for premium models.
  • What is the execution time?
    One and two bedroom homes are delivered in 3 weeks and homes with 3 or more bedrooms are delivered in 6 weeks. Mobile modules in 14 business days. The delivery time for other types of construction varies according to the distance and number of square meters.
  • What are the main benefits over traditional construction?
    Speed of construction Versatility Thermal insulation Clean and dry works
  • Do you build to suit the client?
    Yes, we receive plans from the client and we budget or develop the project with a cost depending on its magnitude.
  • Do you have a showroom? Where is it?
    We have the Die Ecke walk, where you can see types of openings, finishes, the material, among others. We do not have a showroom for the housing modules. The Die Ecke promenade is on Denis Roa, esq. Tito Bogado We are waiting for you!
  • Do you build indoors?
    Yes, we build throughout the country.
  • What is the durability?
    It has no expiration time, as long as the required care is carried out. They would be painting the metal structure every two years and proper cleaning of the panels.
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